Our Mission

Our mission is to create an enduring social business that designs and delivers exciting, affordable, and sustainable sanitation and hygiene solutions for more than 300,000 Ghanaians by 2020.


The Problem

While there have been many well-meaning solutions, most attempts to solve the problem are not effective nor sustainable in the long-term.

Our Model

The team has a customer eccentric model,right from the market,Entrepreneur development and finally solutions for the customer

Our Products

With a variety of customer tailored  products from toilets to portable water filters. The team has managed to be the trusted household name.

Our Team

Our team is lead by Visionary,Passionate, Motivated and results oriented leadership, who understand how to win by empowering people

Our Work


Our Impact

Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Created 205 no. of Jobs for community level actors,

Generating more than $286,000USD income (and counting) for local entrepreneurs operating in Sama Sama stimulated sanitation markets

Increasing financial inclusion by piloting the use of psychometric credit rating assessments on undeserved, un-banked rural consumers


Our Contact

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